P-Rep Candidate
Team Information

ICON Sweden HQ: Stockholm, Sweden

"ICON Sweden" is highly energetic, dynamic, optimistic and ambitious team with sound understanding about the Blockchain Technology. Some of our team members have over 20 years of experience in Information Security, Privacy, Governance, Risks and Compliance Management in global enterprises (including Banks). We have also experience in managing Complex IT Operations in global organizations. We have also been active in Telos (and other EOSIO Chains) as Block Producers. We are playing role in active Governance, Protection, and Enhancement of EOSIO echo system. We were Co-Chairs in Telos Launch Group for Working Groups Security and GRC. We are credited co-author of several Telos (EOSIO Chain) Governance Documents. We aim to become a leading P-Rep in the west. We have global vision and have presence in Asia and contacts in Africa. We want to expand the ICON Network's ecosystem in the west, but will also cover some regions in Asia. We want to realize mass adoption of ICON Blockchain ecosystem. We are confident that new innovations in Blockchain Technology, Business Models, and Governance Frameworks (such as introduced in ICONSENSUS) has the potential to fundamentally change The Global Economy and Social Systems. It has the potential to empower it’s communities, it’s user base, as well as involved stakeholders. We are deeply committed to contribute towards the growth of transparent and fare ICON ecosystem (ICONSENSUS).

Self-Intro Video

1. Proposal introduction

"ICON Sweden" is a team of energetic, optimistic, and tech entrepreneurs who are well recognized and have decades of experience in Information Security, Privacy, Operations, Governance, Legal, Compliance and Risks Management. They have served in several Global Enterprises having complex ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Operations in cross-cultural environment.

"ICON Sweden" (swedencornet) has solid understanding about the Blockchain Technology, as well as Cryptography. We are already active as a Block Producer in Telos (and other EOSIO Chains). We have experience to manage redundant, secure, reliable, and compliant Block Production Infrastructure. We are playing active role in Governance, Protection, and Enhancement of EOSIO echo system. We were Co-Chairs in Telos Launch Group for Working Groups Security and GRC. We are credited co-author of several Telos (EOSIO Chain) Governance Documents.

We can bring our experience to ICONSENSUS. We aim to become a leading P-Rep in the west. We have a vision to become a well recognized productive player in the field. We aim to become a hub for Companies, Entrepreneurs, Governments, Public Safety & National Security Organizations, Developers, and Global Communities. We would like to build sound infrastructure and beneficial decentralized applications for the growth of ICON ecosystem.

We will be grateful, and thankful to all the community members if elected to become a P-Rep.

2. Motivation of the proposal

We aim to become a leading P-Rep in the west. We will help ICON ecosystem to expand in the west. We also have presence in Asia and contacts in Africa. We will help to ensure ICON becomes a truly Decentralized Network. We supports DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations). Serving masses (including ICONist Global Communities) is our top priority. We will start serving by Awareness, Education, Engagement and Support

We will build and deploy secure, reliable, resilient, and trusted infrastructure by following industry best practices. We will also support development of innovative applications targeting masses (including Public Sector and e-Governance). We also have sound Blockchain Governance, Risks Management, and Compliance expertise.

We believe that everyone (every ICONist) can contribute and benefit from ICONSENSUS. Let’s we all work together for the greater good and well-being of all global and local societies.

3. Execution plan of the proposal

1) ICONist Community Building

Community building is a vital part of the success and mass market adoption. We will start to build communities using both social media tools and face-to-face meetups. We will organize events, meetups and participate in conferences in our target regions. We will ensure that every ICONist is involved and plays a role to contribute for the growth of ICON ecosystem.

2) Governance

We have experience in Blockchain Governance, especially gained from EOSIO chains (such as Telos Governance). We will raise awareness about the importance of Governance. We will try to make sure that ICONist plays an important role in the governance process by utilizing their voting weight to choose appropriate P-Reps that matches their wishes and believes.

3) Blocks Production Infrastructure

We will build, configure and deploy ICON recommended high end infrastructure. Initially we will use AWS Cloud. And we are ready to do it at any time. We have experience and already have deployed Blocks Production Hybrid-Cloud Infrastructure for EOSIO Chains. We have working, legally registered company and have established contacts with Cloud and Bare Metal service providers.

We will prefer to deploy infrastructure in EU (European Union) due to EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and other privacy legislations compliance. But we have the capability to deploy cloud infrastructure at any other region (if and as needed).

4) Decentralized and Centralized Applications

Useful applications play a critical role in the success of any blockchain based ecosystem. We recognize the importance to tools and applications. We will support the development of innovative applications. We are very much interested to support, develop and bring real-world day-to-day used consumer and enterprise applications on the ICON Blockchain Network. We think that ICON is Enterprise and GRC friendly and could bridge the gap between the Crypto World and Ordinary day-to-day World.

5) Regular Weekly Reports

We will create regular weekly reports on our progress, as well as the status of ICON Blockchain ecosystem. We already have several social media channels where we publish reports and videos regarding different aspects of the Blockchain Technology, including trends and latest happenings.

4. Expected timeline of the proposal

1) ICONist Community Building

We can start it immediately. We already have several social media channels and involved in the community building for Telos (EOSIO Chain). We are technically ready to start it for ICON.

2) Governance

We can start contributing in the ICON Governance Development work (as and if needed). We have experience and are credited co-author of several Telos (EOSIO Chain) Governance Documents. We can start immediately for ICON (as & if needed)

3) Blocks Production Infrastructure

We are ready and can start building, configuring and deploy ICON recommended high end infrastructure immediately in the AWS cloud. Depending on the clarity of P-Rep election process, and time requirement, we can start this work whenever needed.

Later on we would like to have Hybrid cloud infrastructure (meaning that both in-house and AWS cloud infrastructure).

4) Decentralized and Centralized Applications

This is the step that comes after P-Rep election. But we will start formulation ideas and methodologies.

5) Regular Weekly Reports

We will create status reports after P-Rep election. On the general EOSIO and Blockchain Technology sometimes we already publish reports in our regular social media channels.

Expected Network Information

Norrmalm, Stockholms län, Sweden We will start with ICON recommended AWS Cloud and later-on we will have Hybrid Cloud Environment.

We will follow ICON Best Recommendations:Instance type: C5.18xlargeCPU model: Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8124M CPU @ 3.00 GHzvCPU(core): 72RAM: 144GDisk: 1000G NVMe SSD (EBS bandwidth 9 Gbps)Network: 10 GbpsWe will work in alignment with Industry best practices in information security, privacy, and compliance frameworks such as ISO27001/2, ISO 27017/18, CSA CCM, EU GDPR, etc.

Team Members

Syed Mushabbar Sadiq Team Member

He has over 20 years of industry experience in ‘Information Security, Privacy, Strategy, Operations, Governance, Risks & Compliance Management’, ‘steering complex Internal & External Audits’, ‘Advisory Led Consultancy/Services Management’, ICT Business Development/Technical Sales’, ‘Project/Programme Management [Transformation]’, and ‘Solutions Development within R&D centers’. He has worked in well-know global companies, such as Ericsson AB, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, HID Global, Nordea Bank, and so on… Education: He holds 3 Masters degrees (Teknologie Magister) from well know world class universities (KTH https://www.kth.se/ and CHALMERS UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY https://www.chalmers.se/en/). Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mushabbar

Irfan Ali Gillani Team Member

He is "Head of Operations and Security". He has over 9 years of experience in IT Operations & Services in complex, high tech, and modern environment. He has been working in well know companies, including Ericsson AB. He also has Networking and Security experience. He is very ambitious, techie, sociable and pleasant person who is open to new challenges. He will be one of our key person to ensure 24/7 availability and the CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability) triad…. Education: 1: M.Sc./Teknologie Magister in “Telecommunications Systems and Networking” (BTH, Sweden – https://www.bth.se/eng/). 2: B.Sc. Engg. in “Computer Software Engineering”(UET, Pakistan). Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/syed-irfan-ali-gillani-3bb50315/

Hassan Shah Team Member

He is our "Service Delivery and NW HW Support" Lead. He is our Proud Team Member. Hassan is an ambitious IT professional with a strong technical background. Hassan had been working at Hewlett Packard Enterprise and has a long track record of ensuring Service Delivery and IT Customer Support. He has lot of experience with Hardware, Networks, Trouble shooting, and Technical support services. Education: 1: M.Sc./Teknologie Magister in “Computer and System Sciences” (Stockholm University – https://dsv.su.se/en/). 2: M.Sc./Teknologie Magister in “Project Management and Operational Development” (KTH – https://www.kth.se/en). Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hassan-shah-3ba18091/

Assem Nazar Team Member

Security Expert He is an IT Security professional with technical experience related to digital forensics, penetration testing, network security, secure software engineering and security management. He also has Security Compliance experience in Global Enterprises having Complex ICT Environments. Education: 1: M.Sc./Teknologie Magister in “Information & Communication Systems Security” (KTH – https://www.kth.se/en). 2: Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering @ National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/assemnazar/

Ali Sadiq Team Member

He is our "Social Media, Communication & Collaboration" Management Person. Our young, optimistic and energetic team member is taking the lead in Social Media, Communication & Collaboration activities. He is playing a key role to collaborate and help global and local communities. He is studying in college Stockholm Science and Innovation School (SSIS). He is also learning SW Development with focus on Blockchain and has joined https://coding.ivanontech.com/. Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ali-sms/

Aqeel Muslim Team Member

Advisor He has over 20 years of experience in Banking Industry in the Middle East and Asia. He is currently “SVP (Senior Vice President)” and “Head Trade Finance Centralized Operations” at National Bank of Pakistan. Prior to that he had been working in other well-know banks, such as Dubai Islamic Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, NIB Bank, HBL, Crédit Agricole CIB, and so on… Education: 1: Master of Business Administration (MBA) with focus in Finance @ Imperial College of Business Studieshttps). 2: Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) @ Hailey College of Commerce. Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aqeel-muslim-809a3126/