P-Rep Candidate
Team Information

Ubik Capital HQ: Detroit / Bucharest

Ubik Capital is a team of people who are passionate about ICON and want to be a part of the extraordinary ICON ecosystem. We are experienced in software development, program management, and server infrastructure and want to do our part to serve the ICON community through outreach, technical development, and of course, running a resilient ICON node!


1. Proposal introduction (What)

Ubik Capital is seeking P-Rep election to promote the ICON Network, support software development utilizing ICON, and represent the community’s best interest in the Governance process. Ubik Capital has worldwide presence in North American and Europe and will provide around-the-clock coverage for our servers and the ICON community. Our team’s experience and expertise with setting up and managing multiple blockchain nodes, hands-on military-grade cyber security, software development and AWS training, and technical program management uniquely qualify us for success in the P-Rep role. 

2. Motivation of the proposal (Why)

Our team believes in the fundamental principles of ICON and its mission to hyperconnect the world in a decentralized manner! Having been involved with ICON and active in the community since 2017, we are motivated to be a part of shaping the future growth of the ICON Network, and successfully hyperconnecting the world! 

3. Execution plan of the proposal (How)

Nodes are required to run smoothly in order for the ICON network to function properly, and we take our submission to be a public representative very seriously. We are fully committed to ensuring our node is provisioned with sufficient resources, properly hardened to resist cyber attacks, and will provide node redundancy through a backup node to minimize downtime. We will prioritize node availability and reliability and as a team have an overarching focus on assurance of the network decentralization through the Governance process. We will run two online servers in geographically separated physical locations for switch-over purposes and redundancy to mitigate security risks in case of downtime.

Additionally, we will grow the community with our two ICON appointed Ambassadors, helping to engage in education and outreach on social media, across the United States, and in Europe. Our friendly approach and simple explanations of complex problems will help grow the knowledge base throughout the community and attract new users. Our experience in Technical Program Management over the past 10 years, will enable us to foster conversation with serious businesses regarding the new blockchain technologies that ICON has developed, and explain the complex technology in a way that connects to traditional businesses and Government.   

We will operate across the globe and want to give every single ICONist a voice. We will listen to the community and ensure we weigh the desires and wishes of the community as we participate in ICON Governance decisions. 

Lastly, we will use our software development, cyber security, and cloud computing skillsets to help other P-Reps to strengthen their nodes, develop new applications, and produce tutorials/training materials for the ICON community. 

4. Expected timeline of the proposal (When)

Below are near-term objectives that are high fidelity in the task description and estimated completion dates. We also have a further long-term growth strategy: 

The format is: <Start Date - Estimated Completion Date (ECD)>



- Utilize 2x ICON Ambassadors on our team to engage with current and potential future users on social media. (In-Progress - ECD Fall 2019)

- Utilize extensive program management experience to connect the new blockchain technologies to existing businesses. (Fall 2019)

- Weekly video series for interested viewers. (Summer 2019  - No Anticipated End Date).


- Produce tutorials to promote and teach ICON uses, benefits, and applications.

1. High-level and easy to understand overviews of ICON, the importance of decentralization, and the Governance Structure (In-Progress - ECD Summer 2019)

             2. Technical tutorials for node resiliency (In-Progress - ECD Summer 2019)

             3. Technical tutorials for integrating ICON into mobile applications (Fall 2019)

-Leverage experience staking other blockchains (Cosmos, Terra, and IRIS) and share lessons learned with other developers. (In-Progress – ECD Fall 2019)

-Use our hands-on military cyber security training and experiences to strengthen our node to be resilient. (In-Progress – ECD Summer 2019)



- Engage with top-tier US Universities regarding blockchain and ICON

- Host ICON Meetups in the US and Europe

- Partner with other P-Reps to launch community-driven events to raise awareness and offer rewards to participants


-Develop code templates for easy integration of ICON functions into mobile apps. 

- Develop code templates for software as infrastructure development and launch of hardened nodes on AWS.

- Engage with the community to understand goals and ‘wish-list’ of functions and Dapps and begin development of community-driven Dapps

Expected Network Information 

2 x Servers (One in Europe and another in the United States). Instance type : C5.9xlarge CPU model: Intel(R) CPU @ 3.00GHz; vCPU: 36; RAM: 72G; Disk: 500G NVMe SSD; Network: 10 Gbps; backup DISK

Expected Network Information

Frankfurt, Germany AWS C5.9xlarge

- CPU Model: Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8124 CPU @ 3.00GHZ - vCPU(core): 36 - RAM: 72G - Disk: 500G NVMe SSD (EBS bandwidth 4.5 Gbps) - Network: 10 Gbps

Team Members

Russell Shirey (@thelionshire) Team Member

Russell is an innovative and ambitious computer systems expert. He has been involved in ICON since its inception. He has 12 years of technical and program management experience in automotive, aerospace, and defense industries. He has been a part of multiple successful startups and most recently is the lead software engineer for an Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) startup, Aero Systems West. Russell is experienced with full stack development, information security, and cloud computing sys ops (AWS Certified). He holds a M.S. in Computer Engineering and is currently pursuing a PhD in Computer Engineering at Purdue University. In his spare time, Russell enjoys sports, movies, and gaming.

Marius Andrei (@ubikcapital) Team Member

Marius Andrei is an experienced and forward thinking engineer and blockchain node administrator. He founded Ubik Capital to provide a platform for staking as a service and engagement with growing blockchain communities. As a premier next-gen blockchain network, Marius has had keen interest in ICON since reading the whitepaper. He was trained in CISCO network administration and operates multiple blockchain nodes, with expertise in network administration and security. When Marius is not running the nodes, he enjoys reading science fiction novels (hence the name Ubik) and gaming.

Tam Su (@tamsu0) Team Member

Tam brings over 20 years of experience in product innovation, UX, and product management practices to advise Ubik Capital. During his career, Tam has worked with fortune 500 companies and a variety of early-stage startups. He has training in design and innovation from both Stanford and Harvard universities and is currently the VP of Product for 18Birdies. Based in San Fransisco, he serves an advisor role to Ubik Capital and will help provide new growth avenues with the Silicon Valley community. When he's not engaging and creating the best user experiences, Tam can be found in the kitchen creating new dishes or at the driving range working on the 3-wood.