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Team Information

D.STREET HQ: Seoul, Korea

D.STREET is blockchain media in Korea and community platform in Korea. Joint Venture between Maeil Economy (biggest financial media in Korea), Dayli Financial Group (biggest fintech company with Coinone, Nomad Connection and theloop), and Block Crafters (biggest blockchain accelerator in Korea), D.STREET is actively communicating news on blockchain industy and projects to the public.


D.STREET will contribute to the ICON network as a block producer and a blockchain media with strong community in Korea. 

Prior experience as "Node Partner" with number of projects, including IOST, TTC, and AERGO, D.STREET will be a stable and reliable block producer for the ICON community.

As a leading blockchain media, we have our own new website, YouTube channel with various influencers, and telegram rooms, which can reach out to more than 30,000 crypto investors in Korea.

We also host various educational events and conferences, such as D.VIP, World Knowledge Forum (biggest business conference in Korea by Maeil Media Group), and BUIDL(Sponsor), where we can expose ICON project to the mass public. 

As a strong believer of Proof of Stake, experienced block producer, and blockchain media, D.STREET will do our best to increase the presence of ICON and engagement from Korean blockchain community. 

Expected Network Information

San Francisco, CA, United States Cloud

vCPU 36 / Ram 72G / DIsk 500G NVMe SSD (EBS Bandwith 4.5 Gbps) / Network 10Gbps (as recommended)

Team Members

Byung-Hoon Chung Team Member

Byung-Hoon is a serial entrepreneur who sold his 2nd company to a unicorn. Received BSc in Management Engineering and MSc in Technology Management at KAIST, he is also a winner of Red Dot Design Awards. Currently, he is Co-CEO of D.STREET and co-founder of Block Crafters, biggest blockchain accelerator in Korea.

Jonghoi Chang Team Member

Jonghoi Chang is co-CEO of D.STREET and an editor at the 4th Industrial Revolution Education Desk & Premium Desk of Maeil Business Newspaper(Maekyung Media Group). He joined Maekyung Media Group in 1994 and has since written on technology & start up business. During the global financial crisis, from 2009 to 2012, he worked as Beijing correspondent of Maekyung Media Group. He majored in economics at Seoul National University and received master’s degree from SNU. He wrote several books with his colleagues, among which are ‘Economics of Science and Technology’ , ‘G2 Era’, ‘Upgrade financial IQ’ etc.

Eugene Joo Team Member

Eugene Joo is CTO and a co-founder of Block Crafters, a leading blockchain startup accelerator in Asia. He has extensive software development experiences from companies in Seoul and San Francisco including Salesforce, Nextdoor, NEXON, NC Soft, and Enuma. He received Masters degree from UC Berkeley, where he won grand prize with a project “Worldwide remittance system based on Bitcoin” from a hackathon in 2013.

Yongyoung Kim Team Member

Yongyoung is Chief editor of D.STREET, online media focusing blockchain and cryptocurrency. He has various experiences in news media from magazine to daily newspaper and breaking news in Softbank media, CNET news.com, and Maeil business newspaper. He has a MA in Science Journalism at KAIST(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology).

Jay Lee Team Member

Jay has diverse experiences from co-founding a social startup called 'FRIP' to working at 'Cheil' as an account executive for Samsung, Korea government, Amorepacific, Maeil, Nepa, Discovery and more. Jay has succesfully launched several new brands and products. Jay is also known for his bright ideas and executive ability. He graduated from KAIST with a B.S. in Industrial & Systems Engineering.