Marvelous — Gift cards for ICON






Our vision is to make Marvelous the simplest way to reach non-crypto users, and it’s built exclusively on ICON.


April 1, 2020 ~ June 15, 2020




In Progress

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    How many times have you been given a gift card, only to find it a year later, expired and worthless. With Marvelous this will never happen again, and our optional “staked” gift cards can even start earning your recipient ICX returns from day 1.



    Create a gift card on by simply selecting a design, setting an amount of value and clicking create. This will create a gift card by depositing ICX (or an IRC2 token) into the Marvelous SCORE.




    You will be provided a unique link and QR code for your recipient to claim the gift card. Depending on who the gift card is for, you have the option to print or email the gift card too.


    If you want to create a gift card to engage a community, you can post it on Twitter, Instagram or share however you like.




    The receiver of the card simply visits the link to withdraw their gift card to their ICX wallet.


    Marvelous helps to guide new ICONists on how-to create a wallet and we’ll even give the receiver some ICX first so they can claim smoothly.



    Taking ICON assets beyond the ICON network

    Simply put, Marvelous takes an ICON asset (ICX or tokens) and converts it to a link.

    This simple extension of ICON provides the ability to engage the entire population. You can share via Twitter, Instagram, email, print, or even put it on a billboard. man shrugging You’re only limited by your imagination!


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