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ICON Governance and P-Rep Transparency


Aug. 1, 2019 ~ Sept. 1, 2019





  • Details

    ICONalyst was built as a centralized hub for ICON Governance information and P-Rep transparency tools and information prior to the impelmentation of official tools and resources.

    Post decentralization with the launch of icon.community, ICONalyst will be shifting focus toward P-Rep portals and transparency information, governance participation and other network metrics to help keep ICONists and potential investors informed about the network and its operators.


  • Updates

    ICONalyst Update (11/5/2019)

    Hello ICONists!

    We're back with a few more updates to ICONalyst. Plenty more to address, but you can now look forward to the new features below!

    • P-Reps can now categorize and annotate transactions that are logged on their P-Rep portals. This can be done through the "manage profile" button found on each of the P-Rep portals. This process will require account validation of the P-Rep primary account, but should otherwise be as easy as logging in and updating the category and/or annotations (notes) for each transaction through the admin section.
    • P-Reps may now associate other accounts with their profile (in addition to their primary account). This can be done once logged into the "Manage Profile" section by pressing the "Add Account" button. If you haven't validated the account you want to add, you will need to do that first. Once complete, the account will be associated with your P-Rep profile. Transactions from that account will be captured going forward (and from the last 30 days too) and included in your profile along with other transactions.
    • P-Rep profiles and the P-Rep summary page now include "Liquidated ICX" metrics. This will likely require refinement to better communicate P-Rep expenditures, but for now this is a summary of all incoming and outgoing transactions for accounts associated with a P-Rep profile. Currently this value does not currently reflect un-collected I-Score, transactions outside the 30 day window (for newly associated accounts), transactions before decentralization or staked balances on any accounts. 

    As always feedback is always welcome about ICONalyst. Please join our telegram channel for ICONalyst feedback and discussions to help us refine this tool!

    We're working hard on our next release which includes the following features:

    • P-Rep Accolades & Accomplishments
    • P-Rep Transaction and Expenditure breakdowns (based on transaction categories)
    • Usability and other enhancements for user Posts & Discussions
    • Transaction detail pages (and associated links) for P-Reps, Policies, Votes and Users

    Stay tuned!

    ICONalyst Update (11/13/2019)

    Greetings ICONists! 

    Another round of updates have gone live on ICONalyst only days after we saw our first network proposals logged and voted on the ICON block chain! Exciting times ahead as we work on various planned (and some unexpected) features and updates. This week we have a number of updates surrounding the ICON Network Proposal functionality tied to ICON's block chain, as well as clarification on our community policy proposals. We will continue to refine and expand on these, but the process should be clearer with each round of updates.


    • New "ICON Governance" navigation that separates the on chain "network proposals" from ICONalyst's community policy and proposal initiatives!
    • Network proposal notifications for P-Reps. As the first part of our initiative to provide notifications and updates based on governance updates, p-rep updates and more, we have added a feature to notify P-Reps of new Network Proposals created on the ICON Block chain automatically. These settings can be managed through the P-Rep portal management page.
    • There is a set of new pages that allow users to browse, correlate and find more information about ICON's Network Proposals much in the same fashion as our community policy pages. You can view which p-reps have voted for, against or abstained on these, in addition to some of the basic information about the proposal. More details will be added in the future.
    • P-Rep profile updates - Along with the Network Proposal updates the P-Rep profile pages got a bit of an update to include information about a P-Rep's network proposal voting history, in addition to the community policy votes. Additionally policies and network proposals created by a P-Rep will be listed on these pages as, yet another metric, to help users understand P-Rep positions.

    We are continuously updating and enhancing ICONalyst, but would love your feedback anytime! Please join our telegram channel here for feedback & discussions about ICONalyst.

    Lastly, we greatly appreciate the support from the community we have received on this initiative. Your votes help us to continue to support ICONalyst's development and to achieve our other development goals on and for ICON. For more information about Foundry Box Media you can check out our website here.

    Until next time!

    ICONalyst Team
    Published on 11/13/2019 8:56:44 AM


    ICONalyst Update (2/26/2020)

    Hello ICONists! 

    It has been a few weeks since we have pushed anything live, but today we change that! We have pushed a few enhancements and fixes live and will be marching forward with our plans to expand ICONalyst's functionality further.

    A number of fixes relating to transaction logging, summation and reporting have been resolved. This includes duplicate transactions and, in some cases, over reported totals for transferred and owned ICX totals on P-Rep pages.

    Additionally we have retired our "Community Policies" section and functionality. In addition to a lack of interest from the community, these features are supported by ICON's Network Proposal system already. Network proposal and voting information can still be found and accessed through ICONalyst and P-Reps can still sign up for email notifications through their P-rep portal settings.

    There have been a few cosmetic and information updates on P-Rep profiles. Any feedback on these features and the information included is always welcome! Twitter feeds, if they are configured on your P-Rep settings (on chain) will now show up on profiles under "News & Information". Additional feeds will be included in the near future.

    You will notice sections for contributions and delegations. These are both upcoming features we have been working on to help P-Reps provide more information and ICONists a more complete picture of the P-Reps they are voting for! This will be refined and expanded to include other functionality as necessary and available!

    Other plans:

    We have several other updates we are working on currently, in addition to the above. We will be transitioning the authentication on ICONalyst to use the more streamlined ICONex login features found on several other projects. This is a more official and less tedious way to authenticate using your wallet. Email account creation and logins will still work, however.

    We will be expanding our email notification system to include a much wider array of configurable email (and soon SMS) notifications for on chain events and more. This will include emails for users as well as registered P-Reps, should they choose. 

    Lastly we are working on a prototype tool to provide P-reps with tools to describe, notate and explain their budgets and expenditures in greater detail. We will provide more information and previews soon on how this might look and work.

    ICONalyst Team
    Published on 2/26/2020 8:03:41 PM


    ICONalyst Update (6/3/2020)


    I know it's been awhile, but i'm back on track with ICON related development. A new update, among several planned, has gone live! This update is centered around ICONex integration and bug fixes which have laid the ground work for further more interesting and, if I may say so, meaningful enhancements. The old authentication methods for ICONalyst are no more.

    The functionality of the application has been largely re-engineered around ICONex (and soon other wallets) for any user interaction. As a result, you will no longer be required to perform our multi-step authentication process to register an account with an email and password. All methods of interaction with ICONalyst (P-Rep profile management, user settings management, logging in, and more) going forward will be handled through ICONex.

    As a result of this, any account performing an action which requires validation must have enough ICX to pay the transaction fee. While ICONalyst has always recorded user interactions on-chain, it is now done in a more decentralized and official manner! Yes, using ICONalyst helps the network generate transactions!

    NOTICE TO P-REPS: Tracked accounts are no only added through ICONex. Existing accounts will not be removed, but you will be unable to update accounts that you do not have access to through ICONex.

    Additionally "discussions" and posts on P-Rep profiles are temporarily disabled while they are brought up to speed with the new authentication processes.

    Some other updates and fixes with this release include:

    • P-Rep transactions and financial summaries have been refined. Transactions leaving the P-Rep account are considered "transferred" unless they are transferred to another P-Rep owned account. Transactions that are between registered P-Rep accounts (managed in the P-Rep profile) are ignored for these purposes.
    • Fixed a bug that was doubling "owned ICX" on P-Rep profiles.
    • The overall UI has been cleaned up and some superfluous or out dated information has been removed. The home page will be updated in future releases to display more useful information about P-Rep activities.
    • The P-Rep "popularity" metric has been removed. It will not return.
    • There have been a few updates to the underlying systems responsible for collecting and updating P-Rep data automatically.
    • Most help topics are now out dated and will be updated in the future to reflect these changes. For now, reach out on telegram if you have questions (link below).

    There are a number of additional updates that are planned and/or being worked on currently. These will be released in phases over the next few weeks. These include:

    • Integration with Reliant Node's "Projects" API to report on P-Rep contributions (these also come from icon.community.com).
    • Delegation histories & metrics on P-Rep profiles, largely to help identify how P-reps are being voted for.
    • More in-depth transaction analysis tools, largely centered around transaction summaries for un-reported accounts the P-Rep is transferring too.
    • A new P-Rep rating system for users to rate P-Reps on various categories.
    • New correlated and summarized metrics to sort and filter P-Reps by including contributions, financial comparisons, user ratings, governance, social media activities and more.
    • Updating and expanding on user discussions on P-Rep profiles and integration with ICONex.
    • More "social" feed integrations for P-Reps with configured social end points like Reddit, Facebook and others.
    • Email updates & notifications for both On-Chain and P-Rep triggered events
    • Numerous UI enhancements and refinements.

    Lastly, if you like ICONalyst and have ideas on how to improve it, suggestions or issues please reach out to us on Telegram: here, or through any of our social media or other listed contact methods found below.

    Lots to do! Onward!

    Brandon @ Foundry Box Media
    Published on 6/3/2020 2:58:20 PM



    ICONalyst Update (6/19/2020)

    ICONists! Hello again.

    We're back with another round of updates to the ICONalyst platform!

    The updates in this release are largely centered around the UI/UX, P-Rep contributions and cleanup of existing functionalities.

    The following updates are now LIVE:

    • P-Rep profile layouts have been updated to present data in a cleaner and more accessible format. Mobile formats will be updated in a future release.
    • P-Rep profiles now include information on P-rep projects that have been added through https://icon.community. Additionally we also collect user rating information from Reliant Node's https://iconpreps.com project which will be rolled into future metrics and ratings in ICONalyst.
    • P-Rep Discussions (found on profile pages) are now working again. Discussions & comments are recorded on chain and will require an active ICON address, ICONex and enough ICX to cover transaction fees.
    • A new metric has been added to the "Overview" section of P-Rep profiles called "Transfer Ratio". This is a ratio of the % of ICX spent to the amount a P-rep owns. By itself it isn't conclusive, but can help identify P-Reps who might be saving/spending their rewards. Additional financial analysis tools and metrics are planned for the next release.
    • ICONAlyst now reports node statuses for all P-reps. This is polled every 30 minutes.
    • The P-Rep list has been modified to present data better. The network statistics were moved to the home page.
    • The homepage no longer has the unnecessary image slider, and instead presents network, proposal and ICONAlyst  information more readily

    There are still many updates being worked on and planned for ICONalyst in the near future which include:

    • "Transaction Analysis" on P-Rep accounts to help users understand how P-reps are using their rewards
    • "Associated Accounts" on P-rep profiles to help identify accounts that might be associated with a P-Rep that isn't voluntarily reported.
    • "Delegation History & Analysis" P-Rep profiles
    • A new user rating & review system for P-Rep categories such as contributions, social interactions, financial responsibility and more.
    • Searching, filtering and sorting P-Rep discussions
    • An ICONalyst dark mode. 
    • Google web page translation integration
    • Additional social feed integration for various platforms
    • Email notifications for P-reps and users for various on chain and ICONalyst events.
    • and more!

    As always thank you to everyone for your feedback and support and if you have any questions, comments or concerns the easiest way to reach me is through telegram here. Other contact methods can be found in the footer below!

    Brandon @ Foundry Box Media
    Published on 6/19/2020 8:07:55 PM