A photo competition app that resets every 24 hours.


Sept. 1, 2020 ~ June 1, 2021





  • Details

    TwentyFour is a photo competition app that resets every 24 hours.


    Photographers can upload a new photo every 24 hours, and people vote for their favourites. Photos are ranked on the global and local charts, and photographers have the chance to earn rewards for them.

    A preview of the TwentyFour interface, showing the photo and photo gallery pages.


    TwentyFour has two tiers: Amateur and Pro.


    The purpose of Amateur is reach. It’s free to compete and requires no knowledge of blockchain or cryptocurrency, so it has a low barrier to entry. It uses the ICON blockchain for voting, but we won’t expose it. The more fun and engaging we make it, the more likely people will want to compete with the pros.


    To compete in Pro, you need to pay a small entry fee. Each photographer earns rewards based on the number of votes their photo receives. We’re still working through the tokenomics, but the rewards will either be in ICX, an ICON stablecoin, or our own token that provides DAO functionality.


    This is the first project our team will lead, and as it will be a large undertaking, we need to complete our existing projects first. We hope to have it fully underway by Sept-Oct 2020.


    The core pieces include:

    • Tokenomics design (will require collaboration)
    • UX/UI design
    • Development (will require collaboration)
    • Marketing
    • Support materials