Analysis of demography and approach for Marketing


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A complete survey and research to narrow down on languages and regions to focus to break the barriers and spread the word about ICON.


March 1, 2020 ~ Dec. 31, 2020




In Progress

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    Milestone #1- The region of focus

    • Analysis of the demography of the various regions in the world to identify potential untapped markets that can be explored to promote the use of ICON
    • Create awareness via social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by using Infographics to enhance engagement regarding why the Indian subcontinent has been chosen
    • Create content in Medium elucidating research findings on why the Indian subcontinent has been chosen


    Milestone #2- The primary language of focus

    • Research to understand the most impactful language to focus on for mass marketing within the chosen region (the Indian Subcontinent)
    • Medium article explaining research findings on why Hindi is the preferred language 
    • Create social media content to narrate why Hindi is the best choice of language to explore the Indian Subcontinent


    Milestone #3- Further languages of focus

    • Research to find out other regional languages to maximise impact on target audience
    • Create Infographics to be shared on social media
    • Create Medium article to articulate the potential benefits of choosing the said language


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