Project Nebula (blockchain game)


ICON Forge




Project Nebula is the working title of ICON Forge’s debut space-themed blockchain game


Feb. 27, 2020 ~ March 31, 2021




In Progress

  • Details


    ICON Forge is building a digital collectible game centered around space exploration and colonization where individual unique planets serve as the main collectible items. Planets (and other celestial objects) are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the ICON network. We are currently working to release the first version of the game in Q1 2021, but the actual launch date will depend on the funding ICON Forge receives.


    We are currently wrapping up the pre-production stage and have already started with designing the game and creating the core mechanics.


    Project Nebula's development timeline is divided into the following phases:

    1 Planning [ Complete ]

    • Game idea
    • Audience
    • Platform

    2 Pre-production [ In Progress - 80% ]

    • Early prototyping
    • Technological capabilities
    • Story

    3 Production [ Planning ]

    • Designing
    • Mechanics
    • Development

    4 Testing 

    • Bug identification
    • Playtesting

    5 Pre-launch 

    • Alpha/Beta releases
    • Marketing

    6 Launch

    • Fixing bugs
    • Polishing
    • Master release

    7 Post-production

    • Fixing more bugs
    • Balancing/Patching
    • New functionalities
    • New content development


    Sub Projects

    Standardizing the NFTs on ICON blockchain, similar to ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFT standards on Ethereum. This is done in collaboration with other P-Reps.

    Status : Planning