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April 1, 2020 ~ Dec. 31, 2021




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    Hindi Translation of ICX Comics

    We have collaborated with ICX Comics (twitter.com/ICXcomics) who are renowned for creating tutorials and illustrations in the form of comics, which have proved to be engaging and an effective way to demonstrate the various benefits of ICON and its fundamentals. As a P-rep, we will-

    • Translate English comics into Hindi and share across all social media platforms.

    • Run paid advertisement campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to increase the reach OF ICON


    Milestone #1


    • Comic#1 - Why do you have to stake ICON?

    • Comic#2 - How to get started with ICON?


    Milestone #2


    • Comic#3 - How to choose and vote for the best P-Reps?

    • Comic#4 - Inside ICON. Consensus, SCORE, BSI


    Milestone #3


    • Comic#5 - Everything you always wanted to ask about ICON

    • Comic#6 - Build Dapps on ICON Blockchain


    Milestone #4


    • Comic#7 - Why Developers should choose ICON Network?

    • Comic#8 -  How to work with ICON Products?

    • Comic#9 -  Roadmap and ICON’s plan


    Hindi Content Creation


    • Glossary of basic and advanced set of ICON specific terminology explained in Hindi

    • Glossary of basic and advanced set of general Cryptocurrency terminology explained in Hindi

    • Create original content/articles in Hindi explaining the concepts about ICON and potential use cases in a simplified fashion that will be appealing to both starters and also to folk with a bit of experience about cryptocurrencies in general


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