Paycoin ICX Integration






Paycoin will integrate ICON into its native application, enabling users to use ICX within the Paycoin ecosystem


Nov. 26, 2020 ~ June 1, 2021




In Progress

  • Details

    Paycoin is a virtual asset based payment project initiated by Danal, one of the leading PG (Payment Gateway) based in South Korea. We first started the Paycoin service in April 2019, and by October 2020, we have acquired more than 750,000 users, 60,000 merchants and over 5 million USD in payment accumulated. Notable merchants include international brands such as 7-Elevens, Domino’s Pizza, KFC and more. Together with the infrastructure and users we have, we look forward to bringing more value to the ICON network.


    Our goal is to help build the ICON network by integrating our payment system. This would mean expanding ICON’s audience and enabling users to utilize ICX they hold in a broader environment. At its completion, ICON users will be able to deposit their ICX into the Paycoin app, swap with Paycoin seamlessly, then use it as payment in any of the Paycoin merchants.


    Please find the below post for a more detailed service flow:

    Paycoin to be expanding its virtual asset payment service through participating in the ICON P-Rep