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‘KQ - Kpop Idol Quiz’ is an app that allows K-pop fans around the world to create and solve their favorite artists’ quizzes. Users who participate in the creation and verification of content (quiz) can be rewarded with ACT tokens.


April 19, 2019 ~ March 13, 2020





  • Details


    ‘KQ - Kpop Idol Quiz’ is an app that runs on the STAYGE community platform. Unlike the STAYGE.net service, which provides a universal community function, KQ provides an intense experience that K-pop fans can enjoy while they are playing a game. It can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store, and the current download (Feb 2020) is 150K+.

    In KQ, users can not only play quizzes but also create quizzes and verify quizzes created by other users. This contributes to the expansion of the content ecosystem and allows users to receive ACT tokens in return. ACT tokens can be used to purchase additional content to make the KQ app more fun, or users can use it in other apps within the STAYGE ecosystem.
    KQ participated in the ICON TX Challenge held in 2019 and was selected as the 6 final winners of ICON's Got Talent.

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    The KQ app can be downloaded from the link below.

    Google Play - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.stayge.speedquiz
    App Store - https://apps.apple.com/app/kpop-speed-quiz/id1463167156?l=en



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  • Updates

    KQ - Kpop Idol Quiz v1.0 has been updated on Google Play and AppStore!

    Release note:
    - Voice quiz mode has been added. Listen to the sound for a while and guess what it is. KQ now offers 5 types of games: speed quiz, image quiz, ideal world cup, daily quiz, and voice quiz.
    - Share the quiz you have solved with your friends, or if you've set a tremendous score, you should definitely show it off by sharing.
    - All quizzes offered by KQ can now be made in multiple-choice or O / X.
    - Judging methods to verify the quiz have been added. Previously, only appropriate/inappropriate choices were available, but the quiz can now be verified in four ways: appropriate, inappropriate, redundant, and time-varying.

    (source - https://www.stayge.io/post-en/kq-v1-0-release-note)


    The KQ app is recording more than 150K downloads on Google Play and AppStore.

    Releasing KQ v1.0 is not the finish of this project. STAYGE will keep developing KQ app along with other services on STAYGE platform. Another prep project for the next version of KQ will be coming soon.