Spanish translation of ICON related content






Inter team collaboration to translate ICON related content into Spanish


Feb. 23, 2020 ~ April 11, 2021




In Progress

  • Details

    This project is a collaboration between all the P-Rep teams that are media content creators to translate important videos, articles, and tutorials into Spanish to open up the ICON Ecosystem to a wider audience.

  • Updates

    Mineable P-Rep Team:

    David Sail is a YouTuber, writer, investor, #ICONProject P-Rep, ICONSENSUS Ambassador, focused on creating content about the crypto ecosystem.

    His iconTV video series is one of the most popular ICON related video content in the entire ICON Ecosystem helping spread news, information and knowledge about ICON to the entire world.

    List of videos from Mineable with Spanish translations:

    • IconTV #1: South Korean Blockchain ICON ICX Hits National News! Chainlink Partnership ( link ).
    • IconTV #2: Why Is ICON ICX Exploding? Real Life Example of Blockchain Adoption in South Korea ( link ).
    • IconTV #3: Korea’s Crypto Craze Making a Comeback? Decentralized TV Returns to Talk ICON ICX ( link ).
    • IconTV #4: This is What Blockchain Adoption Looks Like! ICON ICX ( link ).
    • IconTV #7: How Blockchain Can Fight Pandemics. Billionaire Tim Draper Bullish on ICON ICX? ( link ).


    ICXComics P-Rep Team:

    ICXComics is an amazing team of artists focused on spreading ICON knowledge and awareness via beautiful and entertaining webcomics.

    List of ICXComics translated into Spanish:


    ICONation P-Rep Team:

    ICONation is a main P-Rep team focused on network management, development, community participation, and education, they have an incredible amount of projects related to ICON.


    RHIZOME P-Rep Team:

    RHIZOME is an ICON main P-Rep focused on creating and marketing content about the ICON ecosystem. They developed metrICX one of the most popular mobile app related to ICON.

    • (23/02/20) Contacted Team RHIZOME and expressed interest in translating their wallet monitoring app metrICX. Positive feedback received, waiting on them to start the project.
    • (16/03/20 - 19/03/20) Spanish translation of metrICX finished and delivered to the RHIZOME team for them to publish it with their next app version.


    Ubik Capital P-Rep Team:

    As one of the P-Rep teams with most votes, UBIK Capital is a platform for staking as a service and engagement with growing blockchain communities. They have plenty of projects related to ICON and one of those is the ICON Show, a weekly podcast by Corey Costa where he interviews prominent personalities in the ICON ecosystem to talk about their projects and the future of ICON.

    List of ICON Show Podcasts with Spanish translations:

    • The ICON Show: With Special Guest: Peter Saddington ( link ).
    • ICX Weekly: The Tokenization of Business: With Special Guest Dusty Esquire ( link ).
    • ICX Weekly: Banking On ICONBET: With Special Guest: Geo Dude ( link ).
    • ICX Weekly: Markus Of Deblock Is Back! ( link ).
    • ICX Weekly: With Special Guest Radiofriendly: Governmental Legitimacy ( link ).