ACT (IRC2 token) payment module


Deblock with STAYGE




In Presented Store, which specializes in selling Kpop & K-Culture goods, we develop a module that allows users to get discounts or make a purchase of products with ACT tokens earned in STAYGE platform.


Oct. 24, 2019 ~ March 20, 2020




In Progress

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    Background and Summary

    STAYGE is selling  K-Pop and K-Culture goods online which fans are obsessed with, as one of the ways to monetize the users and traffics collected through fan community service ( and KQ (quiz app).

    Presented store screenshot 01 Presented Store screenshot 02
    Presented Store -

    After launching the ACT payment module, STAYGE gives fans discount or let them purchase the goods of those artists with ACT tokens earned through community activities by contributing to the production and distribution of content for their favorite artists. We believe STAYGE can maximize the sales of products; therefore, build the community with loyal customers.

    Artists will have a marketing tool that will maximize their profits and motivate their fans effectively. Fans will be justified and valued for their community activities which will lead the fans to continue their fan activities.


    Screenshots (under development)

    Presented Store screenshot 03 Presented Store screenshot 04