Icx Tipping Bot






Tipping bot for icon chain with a lot of feature


Feb. 13, 2020 ~ March 31, 2020





  • Details

    We are creating a telegram bot with a lot of features we can integrate. In the future, we are planning to expand it to twitter as well. Telegram part is going to work as weight the userbase and needs for chain and integrate features which needed or requested by the community.
    It's live at https://t.me/Tipiconbot

  • Updates

    We finalize integration with Icon chain which covers ICX and Token transactions which we demonstrate here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tf0Rctgx9BM 

    We are focusing on what we can integrate before smoothing user interface but we like to hear what everyone thinks about it. Consider sharing your feedback  over our channel https://t.me/pICONbello

    We finalize the main functions we have planned. We started to UI improvements and focusing on making it more userfriendly. Soon we hope to make our public testing to be ready for mainnet release. 

    We are done with development and at the stage of public testing to see scale and performance of our bot over here anyone can access it. ttps://t.me/icxbottest

    We integrated Daedric for USD value already even tho main projects finalized we will experiment with integrating dapps like iconbet and iconswap. Since the main project is completed we are closing entries here instead of expanding with new features