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ICON Ecosystem is the place to-go for discovering all the DApps and tools built using the ICON Network


July 1, 2019 ~ Dec. 31, 2021




In Progress

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    ICON Ecosystem is one of the main contribution proposals from Chainode Tech as a P-Rep Team, and aims to increase the awareness and adoption around the ICON Network and the ICON Network Ecosystem. The iconecosystem.io platform hosts all the relevant DApps and tools built on ICON, and we believe that by creating a place to-go where all this relevant information around the ICON Project can be found, a lot of cumulative research time can be saved.

    We are also using a crowdsourcing approach, meaning that every community member can submit a new ICON DApp or tool on the platform, and thus contribute in real-time to the growth of the portal. We are currently in the process of completely redesigning the website in order to bring even more features and a better structure for the ICON Ecosystem visitors.

    The portal is already ranking Nr. 1 on Google for the keyword „ICON ecosystem“.

    Moreover, we created a Twitter and Telegram account with the identity of ICON Ecosystem. With our activity, the Twitter account managed to gain almost 300K impressions in the last 3 months, all of this without any paid advertising.

    Check the ICON Ecosystem portal here: https://iconecosystem.io