ICX Comics Sponsorship


Ubik Capital




ICX Comics: a visual tutorials and ICON blockchain promotion in social media. Ubik Capital is sponsoring the creation of 8 new comics


March 1, 2020 ~ June 1, 2020





  • Details

    ICX Comics presents visual tutorials and illustrations of the ICON blockchain. They have a talented team of artists and their work can be seen here: https://icxcomics.com. ICX comics applied for the ICON Grant program and their grant was chosen to be sponsored by both ICON and Ubik Capital. They plan to develop more comics as follows:

    Milestone 1
    Comic#1 - How to get started with an ICON?
    Comic#2 - How to choose and vote for the best P-Reps?

    Milestone 2
    Comic#3 - Inside ICON. Consensus, SCORE, BSI
    Comic#4 - All that you were afraid to ask about ICON
    Comic#5 - Build Dapps on ICON Blockchain

    Milestone 3
    Comic#6 - ICONstitution and Governance
    Comic#7 - How to work with ICON Products (ICONex, ICON Tracker, DID, ICONick)
    Comic#8 - Roadmap and ICON plans

    We are very excited about this work! 

  • Updates

    Comic #1 through #7 have been posted on https://icxcomics.com. Check them out! 



  • Final Update

    Completed and all comics posted on: https://icxcomics.com