Growth and Expansion of the Use of ICON by Institutions/Enterpr.






Growing and Expansion of the Adoption and Use of the ICON blockchain by Institutions and Enterprises in Japan and other Asian countries


Oct. 19, 2019 ~ Dec. 31, 2021




In Progress

  • Details

    We at UNBLOCK [Growth Incubator] promote the use of the ICON network by organizing conferences and events, and proactively approaching companies and enterprises. This strategy is effective and offers the best returns regarding a wider use of the ICON blockchain. We have already started actively promoting the adoption of ICON to various Japanese companies utilizing cold-calling with great success. We have had and we still have ongoing meetings with interested parties — advising them about the possibilities and advantages of using ICON for their needs and internal/external processes. We believe that this is the best way to expand the use of ICON, grow the network, and unlock a higher value.

    We plan to expand our marketing efforts to other countries beyond Japan (Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, and Vietnam — all growing economies full of startups with plenty of use cases). Contacting international and local enterprises and advising them how the ICON blockchain can be utilized for their benefits and advantages is an effective way to foster organic growth and to expand the ICON network, which in the long term unlocks a higher value for the network.

  • Updates

    UPDATE (January 2020): We have expanded our marketing to the first country outside of Japan: Taiwan.

    It seems for us that Taiwan is even more open and eager than Japan to embrace blockchain and its applications. We hope we'll be able to get enough votes to secure the funding to hire a permanent member of our team in Taiwan in the future.

    During our trip, we had lunch and a great talk with senior executives of SAP Taiwan. We were also fortunate to meet up with managers of Air China and have a dinner meeting together. On our last day in Taiwan, we met up with 4 startups.