This project aims at advanced Iconists, ICON enthusiasts and ICON developers who want to gain deep insight knowledge about all aspects of the public chain, loopchain, sidechain, and the connections among them.


Nov. 15, 2019 ~ May 31, 2020




In Progress

  • Details

    ICONLOOK is currently a close-source project. A working version can be accessed at iconlook.io


    The entire site is still a work in progress. Bugs are being ironed out while features are being released every week. We apologize for any issue caused.


    In short-term we will focus on implementing planned features on public chain and ICON ecosystem in general. It is important to have unique and useful insights such as unstaking, undelegated, known addresses….etc. The next step is leveling up our game on interchain frontier once it’s ready. There will be a lot of data generated as a result of interchain activities, hence we need to determine what kind of data could be beneficial for the community, to avoid drowning ourselves in an ocean of information. With this in mind, Iconlook interchain support could include following features and statistics:


    • IRC20 token swap history
    • Network of chains graph visualizer
    • Interchain transaction real-time monitoring
    • Sidechain and loopchain-based private networks explorer
    • Cross-chain traffic and volume for value-transferring transactions
    • Bidirectional relationship stats between one specific bridged chain and ICON public chain
    • Bidirectional relationship stats between one specific bridged chain and another bridged chain on other end, via ICON public chain


    This is just a quick list. Along the road, there will probably be new ideas or requirements for features and stats. Fortunately, Chainalytic — our core data aggregation and data warehousing solution that powers Iconlook — is already designed in a modular style which enables incremental development and faster integration. That is to say, we are somewhat future proof.