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Compatible with all existing and future cross-chain protocols, xCall completes the modular blockchain stack by providing dApps with a customizable interoperability component.

xCall is all the puzzle pieces

How it works

One Interface

xCall enables developers to build cross chain dApps with a single interface, regardless of which interoperability protocol is chosen.

Seamless Connection

xCall standardizes cross chain communication for developers so that once a dApp is configured to receive messages from one xCall-connected chain, it can receive messages from any xCall-connected chain.

Endless Possibilities

xCall opens developers to a world of cross chain possibilities from the comfort of their preferred chains and wallets.

xCall is Simple, Secure and Futureproof

Why xCall

Layers of aggregation

Multi-protocol verification

xCall mitigates risks of sending assets cross chain by giving users the option to send messages across more than one cross-chain messaging protocol, thereby reducing dependency on any one bridging solution.

Layers of aggregation


xCall integrates with and abstracts away all protocol-specific components of sending a cross-chain message by using a standard address format across all protocols, allowing devs to focus on the specifics of their dApps and leave cross-chain messaging up to us.

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xCall integrates all the latest advancements in cross-chain messaging solutions so dApp developers can rest assured that they would never need to update their cross-chain message format in order to build on the newest technology.

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Chains xCall is Connected with

xCall currently connects Ethereum (Sepolia), BSC (BSC), ICON (Berlin), and Havah (Altair) through its first integration to BTP (Blockchain Transmission Protocol), the interoperability protocol for the ICON Network.

For more on xCall available through the BTP network, read here.

xCall Service on IBC

Infinitely Scaleable

Once IBC integration is complete, xCall users will be able to connect their dApps to such Cosmos networks as Archway, Neutron and more.

For more on the xCall test network, read here.

xCall Integration Timeline
Layers of aggregation

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